Visit other Islands near Grenada

For a change of pace of pace and tempo then there are some superb islands that you can visit too. Grenada’s islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique are easily accessed. You can either take a ferry – there is a daily service to the islands – or you can fly and be there in about half an hour.



Carriacou is an excellent idea for a one-day trip from Grenada. Start the day early in the morning as the Osprey ferry (it runs daily to Carriacou) leaves at 9:00 from Queen’s Jetty on the Careenage, but it is recommended that you arrive half an hour earlier to buy the tickets. (One-way fare is approx. $70 EC, double it for the round trip). It is a nice 90-minute trip into the small islands between Grenada and Carriacou. You will arrive in the island’s main town: Hillsborough. The ferry returns at 5:30 pm, so you’ll have enough time to visit the town.


You can spend some time on the beach that is by the town (it really feels like a laid back beach town) creating a nice intimacy with the sea. Done with swimming and relaxing on the beach, stop by one of the colourful beach bars for a snack or try a full-course meal at one of the restaurants in town. Stroll along the winding upward streets and admire the views of the harbour as you ascend. Visit the Botanical Gardens where you can relax while you wow! at the view of some exotic plants. Why not try some shopping now? You will find some Caribbean typical products: batiks, woodwork, jewellery and interesting clothing (dresses, blouses, tops) at the boutiques downtown and the stores by the beach. Before boarding the ferry back to Grenada, visit Carriacou Museum, locals are positive: “It’s the best little museum in all the Caribbean!”


In short, visiting Carriacou is like getting in one of those small American towns, beautiful and warm, where you feel at home. Blending tradition and modernity, Grenada boasts a year full of events and festivals that cater for all tastes.



In Winter, the Annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament and the Annual Sailing Festival; in Spring, the Grenada Yacht Race; in Spring, the Whitsuntide Games (a competition for Caribbean athletes); and in Summer, the Annual Carriacou Regatta (taking place in Isle).



Enjoy in February Carriacou’s Annual Carnival encompassing parades and competitions among bands; in April the Annual Maroon Music Festival; in May Grenada Spice Jazz Festival; in June, the Fisherman’s Birthday Celebrations (a traditional celebration when the boats and fishing nets are blessed followed by boat races and street partying), and Rainbow City Festival (a local celebration of the arts) in Summer, among many others.


In 2003, a new festival was introduced by the Grenada Board of Tourism and the Heritage Theatre Company: the Annual Grenada Spice Laugh Festival. Feeding on the long storytelling tradition of the Island and the modern form of stand-up comedy, the festival features local and regional comedians who take the stage to put on their own personal show.