Planning your Grenada Trip

Planning your Trip


When planning your Grenada vacation, your first stop online is at the official site of the Grenada Board of Tourism (GBT):


You will find a wealth of information about restaurants, water sports, beaches, cruises, boating. Check out their calendar of events and festivals, you can find the festivals that will be on when you travel just by entering your date of arrival and departure. Check the tips for travellers too, it has useful information worth taking a look at.


From the website, you can download the latest version of the Destination Grenada Brochure. If you have any specific question, feel free to fill out the request form at the same website. You can email the Office at:


The Tourism board has offices overseas in Lake Worth, Florida; London; Toronto; and Wiesbaden, Germany. The office in Florida has a toll-free number 800-927-9554. In Grenada, the main office is located at Burns Point. Their phone number is: 473-440-2279/ 2001/ 3377.


Discover Grenada

This is a holiday for the discerning traveller in the Caribbean, known fondly as the Isle of Spice, being situated 12º north of the Equator and therefore well within the tropics. It is a truly special place to visit – the warmth and the charm of the islanders will capture your heart and your imagination. You will come home feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Grenada is undoubtedly the prettiest of the Caribbean islands, with many varieties of flowering shrubs and trees. Its capital, St George’s has long enjoyed the reputation of being the prettiest harbour in the Caribbean, alluring by day and sparkling by night, it has retained a certain charm and character now lost by many of its counterparts. Visit any of the hilltop restaurants or bars and you will see for yourself how the city sparkles like a thousand diamonds at night. For the explorer there are many attractions, including rum distilleries, sugar mills, plantations, areas of archaeological interest, towns and villages, mountains and beaches. There are also waterfalls, a tropical rain forest and a nature reserve, not to mention some of the finest unspoilt beaches in the Caribbean, most of which are usually fringed with sea grape and coconut trees to shield you from the tropical sun.