Grenada Weather

Grenada – When to Go

Grenada boasts incredible warm weather all year round. Expect temperatures that range from the 90’s F (32 C) in summer to the mid 70’s F (23 C) in winter.


Weather in Grenada

The rainy season goes from June to December, meaning that it is inevitable you will see some rain during the day – though not all day! But like any country, you can never be reliant on it not raining. The good aspect of the location is that it may rain for a complete hour, and then out comes this glorious sunshine, and it seems as if in a split-second the rain dries up. So, pack an umbrella – but I doubt you will need a raincoat. However, trekking into the hinterland will call for a light pack-mac of some degree though.

Rain doesn’t limit your opportunities of having a good time. You will see how locals adapt their lives to rain, and the rhythm is less intense. People find shelter in hotels, cafes, restaurants, at a sidewalk under the roof of a store, and wait for the rain to stop. They have this trust in nature: as something that has a place in people’s everyday life.


What clothes to pack for Grenada

Deciding what to pack is not a problem. For a beach type holiday, then the lighter in colour, style and weight the clothes are, the better. You will find yourself living during the day in a pair of sandals or flip-flops, a sarong, a bikini and your short pants. But do take a good sun hat, your best sunglasses, and for those with delicate or pale skin a good quality sunscreen with the highest factor is a must.


Grenada dress code

Grenada frowns on nude bathing, or the wearing of your bikini either in town or at the local supermarkets; so please respect their custom and culture and cover up once off the beach. In the evenings – you can dress up or dress down for dining out or functions, based on where you are hanging out…


Exploring Grenada

For the explorer’s island hinterland, those clothes won’t be enough. Some good long and light loose trousers are a must, as are some good hiking shoes too.

Don’t forget to pack your mosquito repellent if you want to trek into the rainforest. A showerproof top with a hood, or maybe a hat, might be a good idea. You’ll need to rent an auto, and don’t forget to buy a map.