Getting around in Grenada

Arriving And Departing
When you touch down in Grenada you will find yourself at the Maurice Bishop International Airport. It’s not the busiest or the biggest in the Caribbean, but it’s big enough for Grenada’s needs. Aircraft as large as Virgin Atlantic 747 & 777’s arrive there. Everything inside is by the book and simple. There are plenty of taxis available upon exiting the arrivals hall, but we arrange a transfer on arrival for our guests – so do look out for our taxi driver. You’ll have a landing card to fill out as well as a customs declaration form. For more information about the airport, you can visit their website at this link: Maurice Bishop International Airport


Getting Around Grenada

You can use a diverse array of transportation. You can drive, take a taxi or a water taxi, board the ferry, hire a motorboat, jump on a bus, take a plane or just walk. It depends on where you go, your desire for diversity and the time that you have to get where you are heading.


To get around the city of St. George’s, your best option is to park and ride to town on a bus; whilst in the town, to walk. Do make sure you have some decent shoes in which to walk with, as this town is extremely hilly and not for the faint-hearted.

There is a regular bus service that is both frequent and inexpensive, approximately $2EC. Or take a taxi into town. There will be lots of chances to find a taxi back to your point of departure.


Seeing The Island

A good idea is to hire a taxi to tour the island – which will take the strain off the driver with that hot sun beating down on their face. Plus the tour guide will know more history about the island than your driver. The tour will take you a good day to see the island. We recommend Mandoo Tours, who have won many Tourist awards and have been our meet and greet representatives for the past five years. There are also mini vans that can take you on a tour through the city and to the rest of the island


Leaving The Island: Departure Tax

The Grenada government has  abolished departure tax:  If you wish to spend your last few hours in quietness – you can book the executive suite  [Executive Lounge Access) see their website link above – at a cost of US$45.00 XCD$122.00 for a three (3) hour stay