First Time Visitors

Be sure to check all these items in your list, if you want to say back home that you visited Grenada!


1) Walk in St. George’s, Grenada’s beautiful capital – visit York House (the site of the House of Representatives), the Senate and the Supreme Court.


2) Walk along the wharf road by the harbour and have a look at the luxurious ships and modest fishing boats arriving and departing from the Careenage, the old name from when they hauled the sailing ships over to scrub the hulls.


3) Visit Market Square on Saturday morning and buy your spices.


4) Walk along the Esplanade in the evening and admire the dramatic sunset.


5) Visit Fort George and admire the wonderful sight of the harbour.


6) Visit Grenville and take a tour to see the processing of nutmeg, Grenada’s most valued spice.


7) Visit River Antoine Rum Distillery, learn the traditional methods of rum preparation. Maybe buy a bottle – just for medicinal purposes, it may be too strong to drink…


8) Admire the Mt. Rich Amerindian petroglyphs.


9) Visit Bathway beach on a weekend and enjoy the local culture and community who turn up to picnic and take their weekend sea bath. Kite flying in this area is also a weekend pastime too.


10) Visit Levera National Park and snorkel in the waters to admire the coral reefs and sea grass beds.


11) Go to the beach, spend hours swimming and enjoying the sight of the turquoise sea; and wait for the green flash as the sun sets upon the tropical horizon.


More Tips For Grenada


Some more useful tips to follow as we want visitors to be happy as well as safe on the island.


Grenada is a fairly safe country, but we all know that there aren’t any more Shangri-Las left in this world. To be on the safe side – then just take sensible precautions.


Avoid walking alone in the dark, even if your destination is near, it’s better to take a taxi. Or walk together, or better still get someone to drop you off.


Don’t flash big bills or large amounts of money in public spaces.


Always keep an eye on your belongings. Be aware of your surroundings.


Try not to be alone, especially after dark and in isolated areas.


If you are driving, keep in mind that the driving is on the left side of the road